Spring is here…

Finally, Spring appears to finally be moving in, I can only hope it sticks around for a couple weeks before Summer pushes it out.

With Spring comes new projects around the house. The biggest being we are tackling a garden. The kids are super excited and we’ve spent the last couple days setting up some raised beds and getting our strawberry and blueberry plants transplanted.

April02Garden April02GardenGirlsSpinach, peas, brussel sprouts and a couple other seedlings will be making their way into the newly built beds later this week. We’ll be adding a couple more beds this weekend hopefully so we’ll have room for everything plus the beans, cucumbers and squash that will go in early May!

Fingers crossed that between me and the girls one of us has a green thumb!


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Greetings, my name is Kimberly and I am a thirty-something wife and Mom to girls of the human and furry variety. I love to cook/bake, am addicted to lampwork glass, and on occasion I have been seen sitting down with needle and thread. Please visit me at www.pumpkintreelane.com to see more of my polymer clay work inspired by nature with a primitive charm.
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