Spring Garden Update…

So how did our garden grow?

Seedlings start to emerge,


Fresh peas were the first crop to thrive,


Then things started to take off,garden3

With squash and potatoes overtaking the garden,garden4

This monster made a very nice risotto,garden5

And the potatoes were yummy roasted with zucchini and sausage,garden6

Time to start all over again, with beans, peas and lettuce in our Fall garden.garden7

All in all, our first garden attempt was a huge success. We had lettuce for salads, plenty of squash, peas, potatoes and tomatoes. The spring planting of bush beans were trampled by the squash plants but should do much better this Fall with no neighbors to smash them into the ground. Spinach and pumpkins died before anything could be harvested. Watermelon, peppers and eggplant are holding on so fingers crossed. Learned a lot this Spring/Summer and can’t wait for an even larger garden next Spring.


About Kimberly

Greetings, my name is Kimberly and I am a thirty-something wife and Mom to girls of the human and furry variety. I love to cook/bake, am addicted to lampwork glass, and on occasion I have been seen sitting down with needle and thread. Please visit me at www.pumpkintreelane.com to see more of my polymer clay work inspired by nature with a primitive charm.
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